Displaying Objects


I am using a WMI query to pull back fixed disk properties of remote server

$disks = (Get-WmiObject -class win32_logicaldisk -computername $item -filter “drivetype=3”)

$item is the name of a remote machine

i then create a new object and i want to add a member to that object that displays the drive id and the size in GB by doing the following.

$output | Add-Member NoteProperty Hard_Disks $disks | select -property @{n=‘Drive’;e={$.DeviceID}}, @{n=‘size(GB)’;e={“{0:N2}” -f $($.Size  / 1GB)}}

If  I try and then display this in a text box on a form instead a list of the disks and their sizes i get


Instead of a list of the disks, if i just try and output this at the shell i get the root path and a device id instead of the disk information.

This is a similar problem as requested in the scripting games i know, but it just happens to coincide with an inventory script i am working. I am not sure if i am refencing the object incorrectly. The type of output i am looking for is

c: Â Â Â Â Â Â 250

d: Â Â Â Â Â 10

e: Â Â Â Â Â 50

hope that makes sense any help appreciated.




I think you may be seeing something that I have had myself recently trying to output an object in to an event. Â If you convert the object to a string it should display correctly in the text box.

You can do this by piping the object in to the Out-String CMDlet.

Thanks Dave,


i tried piping it out-string but still having the same result in the text box

I would take a different approach. Â Once you have the data you want in $disks, convert that into a string table with the values you care about, then strip off the header rows. Â Like this:

$tableAsString = $disks | ft @{Name=‘Drive’;Expression={$.DeviceId}},@{Name=‘Size(GB)’;Expression={‘{0:N2}’ -f ($.Size / 1GB)}} -AutoSize | Out-String

$tableAsString -replace ‘^\s+|\s+$’ -split “\r\n|\r|\n” | Select-Object -Skip 2

The results of the second command are what you will want to assign to the text box on your form.

Apologies for the delay this worked great, thanks poshoholic.

My next question is :

i have a number of WMI queries that put into a new object and then out put this to a fiel or screen. The problem i have is i want to just list the headings once, for example

Servername, disks, memory, ipaddress

and then under the heading list the information on a new line so if i want i can export to csv or just display the table. at the moment i do the following.

$output = New-Object PSObject
$output | Add-Member NoteProperty Name ($system.DNSHostName)
$output | Add-Member NoteProperty CPU ($system.NumberOfProcessors)
$output | Add-Member NoteProperty OS ($OS.Caption)
$output | Add-Member NoteProperty OS_Serial_Number ($os.serialnumber)


in a for loop but this then runs the above code for each server in the for loop and doesnt just list each element on one line .

so what i want to see is

Server      CPU     OS      OS_serial

servera      1        2008   xxxxx

serverb     4        2008   yyyyyy

etc etc


at the moment i get

Server: Â servera

cpu : 1

os: 2008

os_serial: xxx

Server: serverb

cpu: 4


os_serial: yyyy


regards Dan



You can force your loop to output in a table like this:
$(foreach {$a in $b) {

Do stuff in here

}) | Format-Table
If PowerShell is defaulting to list output, it is likely due to the number of columns that would appear in the output (PSObjects default to tabular output with 4 columns or less; list output otherwise).