Disabled ActiveSync and OWA in Exchange Online

Hello all!

I’m hoping this will be something fairly easy and obvious that I’m just missing.

I’m working on a script that will create a new mailbox in Office 365. This works great, but what I also would it to do is disable Exchange ActiveSync and OWA for Devices for the newly created user. After connecting to Exchange Online through PowerShell I’ve tried the Remove-MobileDevice and Remove-ActiveSync commands, but in those cases it’s looking for a device to remove, where I need it to disable the settings for a specified user. I’ve attached a screen of the exact setting I’m talking about.

For the record, I don’t work with exchange and don’t have direct access to exchange modules so I can’t test this, but here’s what I got from google:

To disable ActiveSync for a specific user:

Set-CASMailbox -Identity <Mailbox ID> -ActiveSyncEnabled $False

To disable OWA for a specific user:

Set-CASMailbox -Identity <Mailbox ID> -OWAEnabled $false

where <Mailbox ID> is a GUID, distinguished name (DN), user principal name (UPN), SMTP address, or alias.

Apparently, you can also pipe objects into Set-CASMailbox from Get-User or Get-Mailbox but you’ll have to look into that because the online help for the exchange cmdlets looks pretty awful.

That worked BEAUTIFULLY thank you. I’ll play around with what I can and can’t pipe in, but at the very least this accomplishes what I needed my script to do. Thank you!

No problem! Just try running

Get-Help Set-CASMailbox -full

and it should tell you what parameters it accepts from the pipeline via property name or value.

Yep, and actually I just tested with Get-Mailbox -Identity j* | Set-CASMailbox -OWAEnabled $False -WhatIf and it (theoretically) worked perfectly.