Disable-DistributionGroup and extensionattributes

Do you use extensionattributes? We do. Up until yesterday I assumed that extensionattributes 1-15 were one of those little bonuses you get with Exchange that remained exactly as you set them - forever. I have a truckload of scripts that add/change and remove values in extension attributes for all AD account types and everything works perfectly.
Until, that is, you run that destroyer of worlds, ‘Disable-distributiongroup’. I was doing some extensive testing on an application that allows people to make modifications to groups. I started by unchecking the mail enabled checkbox (on my application) and it went through and executed ‘Disable-distributiongroup’. Just for fun, I tried mail enabling that group again and noticed that another field displayed in my app that came from extensionattribute5 had disappeared from the group object in AD. After troubleshooting, I discovered that the value of extensionattribute5 was indeed cleared by the running of ‘Disable-distributiongroup’. Just for fun I then set a value in all 15 extensionattributes and lo and behold, running ‘Disable-distributiongroup’ cleared all of them!
So the moral of the story is that if you use extensionattributes and expect them to be there after running ‘Disable-distributiongroup’ then you’re in for a surprise!
We run Exchange 2010 Version: 14.03.0248.002 btw.
David Z

Huh. Never knew that. You kinda wonder if it’s by design or unintentional.

Mike Pfeiffer (my Exchange guru) believes it’s by design.

Bad design then. I’m sure many of us believed that extensionattributes were sacrosanct. At least now we know.

btw where should I post to suggest to Microsoft that they should change it?