Delete specific sub folders from a folder and create a log file of the operations done

Hello there,

I am trying to delete specific folders contained in C:\temp but not all, I have listed them in a text file.

$list = gc C:\tmp\list.txt
foreach($item in $list){

Remove-Item “C:\tmp$($item)” -Recurse -Verbose


I tried to save the code as test.ps1 and did below, and saved the verbose stream to log

.\test.ps1 3>&1 2>&1 | Out-file log.txt

Is there any other way to delete and save the log at once in a script itself?

So your code seem to work, right. What’s wrong with it? Why do you want another way?

You could add some code into the script to log a little more explicitly. When you put something like this inside the loop for example:

"Removing folder '$(C:\tmp$($item))'"  | Out-File -FilePath .\log.txt -Append

Thanks @Olaf . tried this , but getting an error as File can’t be opened as it is used by another process.Code is mentioned below:

function cln-tmp{

$list = gc C:\tmp\list1.txt
$i= 1 ;
$results = foreach($item in list){ Write-Host "`n ($i). Working with [C:\tmp$($item)]…"

“`n $($i). Removing folder ‘(C:\tmp$($item))’” | Out-File -FilePath c:\tmp\log.txt -Append

Remove-Item “C:\tmp$($item)” -Recurse -Verbose




cln-tmp 3>&1 2>&1 4>&1 6>&1|Out-File c:\tmp\log.txt

So, I would like to save the folder that I am working on (can be write-host command) and the verbose results, how can I save all together to a text file ?

Now you’re trying to write the log from inside the script AND from outside the script - that’s why you get an error. You will have to either choose one the ways or use different files inside and outside.

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