Delete rows from a table or excel file

I’m completely new to PS so pardon my lack of knowledge here. I am downloading a report from a web API via the invoke-restmethod and attempting to format the data into a csv file to distribute. I can display the data on the console with a format-table, however on the table and in the csv file there are 5 junk rows at the top of the table. I’ve seen examples of how to delete these after saving the excel file, then opening the file and modifying it, and saving it again. I find that rather inefficient and would like to know if there was a way to do this before exporting to csv. The junk rows appear below the header row.

If it’s always 5 rows, you can do something like this:

$filePath = 'c:\path\to\your.csv'

$data = Import-Csv -Path $filePath

$data | Select-Object -Skip 5 | Export-Csv -Path $filePath -NoTypeInformation

that works very nicely. thank you