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I want to delete empty folders which are nested under a folder which is called “Archiv” from SharePoint Online. My aim is to delete every folder which is loacted under a folder called “Archiv” and has no documents. If all subfolders of an “Archiv”- folder are empty I also want to delete the folder “Archiv”.

If possible I´d linke to get the results within an .csv to proof which folders has been deleted.

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That’s a nice task to practice on. :+1:t4: Do you have any question regarding this task? :wink:

Please have in mind that we do not write ready to use code or solutions on request. We expect you to make an own attempt to achive a given task at first.

If you search on google for “delete empty folders sharepoint online” there are some promissing search results:

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Honestly I´ve already had some attemps but I even if I´m trying to run code in PowerShell ISE (i.e the code which is under the link you provided) I´m just getting errors in the output screen. (in this case it shows: "the remote server gave back an error. Seems that there is a problem with $web = Get-WebPnPWeb).

I was using this code to achieve my goal but then I realised that it will not work for sharepoint online =(

$LogFile = 'C:\Users\User\Desktop\Deleted.csv'
$TopDir = 'C:\Users\User\Path'

# first get a list of all folders below the $TopDir directory that are named 'Archiv' (FullNames only)
$archiveDirs = (Get-ChildItem -LiteralPath $TopDir -Filter 'Archiv' -Recurse -Directory -Force).FullName |
# sort on the FullName.Length property in Descending order to get 'deepest-nesting-first'
Sort-Object -Property Length -Descending

# next, remove all empty subfolders in each of the $archiveDirs
$removed = foreach ($dir in $archiveDirs) {
(Get-ChildItem -LiteralPath $dir -Directory -Force -Recurse) |
# sort on the FullName.Length property in Descending order to get 'deepest-nesting-first'
Sort-Object @{Expression = {$_.FullName.Length}} -Descending |
ForEach-Object {
# if this folder is empty, remove it and output its FullName for the log
if (@($_.GetFileSystemInfos()).Count -eq 0) {
#Remove-Item -LiteralPath $_.FullName -Force
#next remove the 'Archiv' folder that is now possibly empty too
if (@(Get-ChildItem -LiteralPath $dir -Force).Count -eq 0) {
#output this folders fullname and delete
#Remove-Item -LiteralPath $dir -Force

$removed | Set-Content -Path $LogFile -PassThru # write your log file. -PassThru also writes the output on screen

Hi Peppino,

I think if you want to manage sharepoint with powershell you should use this module.
Install-Module -Name Microsoft.Online.SharePoint.PowerShell

Intro to SharePoint Online Management Shell | Microsoft Docs

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