Decimal separator changes when double is concatenated to a string

I’m trying to concatenate a string and a double and I get a strange result. Using this test script

$s = "Hello"
$d = 0.12345
$t = $s+" " + $d


I get this result

LCID             Name             DisplayName                                                                                                                            
----             ----             -----------                                                                                                                            
1053             sv-SE            Swedish (Sweden)                                                                                                                       
Hello 0.12345

$d decimal separator has changed from comma to point!

Why and how do I keep the comma?


// Anders

You could use the -f format operator …

$s = “Hello”
$d = 0.12345
“{0} {1}” -f $s, $d

Works perfectly!

Thank you very much!