date time conversion

I have this value 2016-01-15 19:31:24
That value is $array[0]
I convert it by
$time = [DateTime]::Parse($array[0])
with the result
Friday, January 15, 2016 7:31:24 PM

When I assign Time in a html $body string. I get the initial value. ( 2016-01-15 19:31:24)
Is there something I am not doing?

No. Internally, it’s all stored as a fractional number. In different situations, it’ll get formatted differently. You just need to specify the format you want. There are methods of a DateTime object that produce various formats. What you’re after is probably a “long date time.”

forget the array.

$time = [datetime]‘2016-01-15 19:31:24’


PowerShell’s format commands behave differently than when a DateTime object is just cast to a string (or when its ToString() method is called with no arguments). If you do “$date”, then it’s the latter, casting behavior that is used. When you just do $date and let PowerShell display the value, it goes through PowerShell’s formatting system.

Anyhow, this probably does what you’re after: “My date is: $($date.ToString(‘F’))”

Why ‘F’? Got that info from , and I constantly have to refer to those “Standard Format Strings” pages to remember what’s what.

$time1 = $array1[0]
$date1 = [DateTime]::Parse($time1)
$timev1 = $date1.Datetime

Doing it this way allowed me to define the date correctly in the html body. I guess my question is now how to convert to the correct time zone.

I really appreciate your time and that link is a perma bookmark moving forward!

Also to everyone thank you for your time and help, I truly appreciate it.

Time zone stuff can be a little bit tricky. First you have to know what your original string represents: “2016-01-15 19:31:24”. Is that local time? Zulu time? Something else?

No, that time is 9 hours ahead. I am on the east coast ( new york, USA) EST time zone