Data Comparison using Powershell

Can some one please point me to the PS script which compares the data between Table(A) from Server#1(Azure synapse) and Table(B) from Server#2(Azure Managed SQL Server Instance). Regardless of the outcome(Match/No-Match) I would like to setup a email notification with output and a outcome message.

Please let me know. TIA.

There is a cmdlet available to compare object :

How do you actually get this tables? There might be a better way for collecting the data. The format you show is not the best for comparison. :wink:


Thank you, Olaf. sorry, I didn’t quite get ur message but, I am open for any kind of suggestions that you have.

No problem. You may start with answering the question I asked and continue with reading the help I linked for you. Rread it completely including the examples please.