Curley brasis is missing in output json file using PowerShell Script

Trying to fetch the response from the API. Sometimes output json file get generated with proper json with start and end brasis but sometimes end curley brasis “}” is missing in output file.
Expected :


Current Result:

Script :

$QueryResults = @()

Invoke REST method and fetch data until there are no pages left.

do {
$Results = Invoke-RestMethod -Headers $Headers -Uri $uri -UseBasicParsing -Method “GET” -ContentType “application/json”

        if ($Results.value) {
            $QueryResults += $Results.value
        } else {
            $QueryResults += $Results

        $uri = $Results.'@odata.nextLink'
} until (!($uri))

# Return the result.
$QueryResults | ConvertTo-Json -depth 100 | Out-File "C:\AzureAD.json"
Set-AzureStorageBlobContent -File "C:\AzureAD.json" -Container $ContainerName -Blob "SecurityGroups/AzureAD.json" -Context $Ctx -Force

Can someone help me out on this.

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