CSV Column in xls

Hello, does anyone know how to use Powershell to save the csv file (picture above) in an already existing Excel spreadsheet (picture below)?
Areas marked in bold always have the same name in both files and can therefore be used as keywords.
But I keep getting different new csv’s with the associated xls files (pairs).
Then the keywords change again, but not between pairs (SCV-XLS).
Only keywords article and condition ALWAYS remain the same for all CSV files.
However, these are already present in the XLS tables and therefore do not have to be transferred.
However, it can help to fulfill the condition described as the last point.
Areas marked in red must not be changed.
The columns are always in different positions (G in the picture above is L in the picture below), the column designation remains.
Lines can also be more or missing or vary in position (old shirt swapped with new shirt).
Rows or columns can be missing or have more and below: only what is common is adopted.
Important… Existing values ​​must NOT be overwritten.
It must be ensured that, for example, the value 2 in CSV file cell G8 for shirt, old, 11A6 in the
Excel table is saved under L11 (shirt, old, 11A6).

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For tasks like this I’d like to recommend the great module from Doug Finke

Here you can learn what’S possible with it directly from Doug:

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