Cryptography in PowerShell

I Am good at Cryptography but Not good at using The .net library of crypto

i searched alot online but every thing is related to C# not Powershell , and event what’s about C# is Just a Code

There is No Explaination of what they are doing

i can’t get the concept of encryptor and decryptor they creat in thier codes

There in no thing called encryptor and decryptor in the cipher

i understand the padding ,Mode ,IV ,Salt and every cryptographic concept but can’t dealing with the library

so if any one here have a book or tut. so i can learn what is going on , Please give it to me

Thanks in Advance

It’s probably easier if you describe or link to something you want to use.
Can’t say I’m good with cryptography but using .net libraries is somewhat similar between powershell and C#.
Main difference is often the way you instanciate objects and calling the methods.
If it’s a third party library (meaning not included in the standard .net framework) you also have to add a reference to the library.

But please provide some more information.

You’re going to have to find something in C# that works for you, and translate it to PowerShell. PowerShell doesn’t have any real crypto wrappers, so you’re going to bee using C#, essentially, inside PowerShell.

Thanks alot , but do you have a book for crypto in C#

Thanks alot , but can you give me a book or tut to learn crypto in C#

and i didn’t get what do you mean by use C# inside powrshell

No I don’t have a book or guide, sorry.
But I’m pretty sure if you google around you should find plenty of examples.

Here is an example for using AES in powershell.

As a base to explore further it should get you going.
I guess you may want to include code that will hash the key using a passphrase rather than having just the key if you’re going to store it somewhere.
But again it shouldn’t be a big deal after some google exercises.

Thank you so Much