"Creating HTML Reports in PowerShell" on PenFlip downloads broken

The “Creating HTML Reports in PowerShell” ebook on Penflip is not allowing downloads in any format. The other Penflip PowerShell.org ebooks seem to be downloading in all the allowed formats.


Thanks, Joel. I’ll try and figure it out. Penflip hasn’t been super-awesome for us - I’d love to find another way to get these hosted in some kind of collaborative fashion but haven’t had any luck yet. Penflip’s a great idea, but the execution wasn’t great, and the author seems to have walked away from it.

Good Afternoon. Any idea when the download might be working again? Or an alternate location to download the book?

I just tried and it is still broken.

Thank you!

Sorry, Ret - we’re not trying to block access to it, but Penflip seems to be broken and its author is nowhere to be found. I’ve been spending as much of my free time as possible looking for an alternative solution - if you have any suggestions and would like to help us get the content moved, I’m all ears.

As a note, you can download the source archive, which is just text files in Markdown. Totally read-able, and includes the images. I’m going to look into other options throughout this week, as Penflip’s been wholly frustrating.

Do me a favor and try GitBook - Where software teams break knowledge silos.. This is a bit of a test.

Just tried your link and it worked!!! I was able to download it, thank you so much!! I am sorry I don’t have any suggestions, but I really appreciate all that you do for the powershell community.

Hope you have a great evening and thanks again.

Also check out http://powershell.org/wp/?p=38753, Ret and Joel. We’re trying two services and your feedback would be appreciated before we start converting all the books.

I will post my comments on the link posted to keep them all in one place. Thanks again!