Create document already format with variable since other

Hello all,

My need is to fild o r Create a document format like this :
I’ve replace the address IP and other informations by a variable.
i recover the value since a csv file.

But How can i do that ? How it’s possible to do that ?

I’ve no Idea…





_TITRE Objectif du serveur (DSI)

  • _RFIX


_TITRE Partie Système

  • Alias : _GRAS _BORA Liste des Alias _IBOR _NOIR
  • Physique + modèle • VM + hyperviseur • hyperviseur _RFIX
  • Contrat de maintenance / de service hors ECONOCOM : NA
  • Date de dernière installation : _RFIX
  • @IP Prod : _RFIX
  • @IP Admin : _ROUGE $IP (SMG) _NOIR _RFIX
  • @IP IDRAC : _RFIX $IP-Drac
  • Suffixe DNS: _DODGER $SuffixeDNS _NOIR
  • OS: OS Name $OSName + Version $OSVersion _RFIX
  • Annuaires de comptes: Nom du serveur AD ou domaine _RFIX


Thx For help.

Not really clear on the question. Are you trying to find and replace strings from the text file ?

Thx for Reply ^^

Yes exactly !

Finally i will re-create All the file and not replace string in the file.

if i need help i will come back soon :wink:

Have nice evening.