Correct command and body Microsoft Garth Powershell

Hello there
I have a problem with an Powershell Command from Module MicrosoftGraph.
Maybe is there anyone the can tell my what the correct command are.

The command

Set-MgDeviceManagementDeviceConfiguration -DeviceConfigurationId $deviceConfigurationId -BodyParameter $params

With this body

$params = @{
    Assignments = @(
            Target = @{
                "@odata.type" = "#microsoft.graph.groupAssignmentTarget"
                GroupId = <"GroupID">

It’s working but remove all another assigned groups.

So I think the correct command will be the following:

Update-MgDeviceManagementDeviceShellScript -DeviceShellScriptId $deviceShellScriptId -BodyParameter $params

But what is the correct Body and how do assign with more groups of times?

I have also tried with the following command:

Update-MgDeviceManagementDeviceShellScript -DeviceShellScriptId "0cee72b4-6af0-4d25-96c1-ece01bd885f3" -GroupAssignments [TargetGroupId <GroupId>]

But I get a mistake back:

Update-MgDeviceManagementDeviceShellScript: Cannot process argument transformation on parameter 'GroupAssignments'. Cannot convert value "[TargetGroupId" to type "Microsoft.Graph.PowerShell.Models.IMicrosoftGraphDeviceManagementScriptGroupAssignment[]". Error: "Cannot convert the "[TargetGroupId" value of type "System.String" to type “Microsoft.Graph.PowerShell.Models.IMicrosoftGraphDeviceManagementScriptGroupAssignment"."

Here link to Microsoft about this:
Update deviceShellScript - Microsoft Graph beta | Microsoft Docs.

I would be very happy if anyone could help me with my problem.

Regards Andreas