Copying a file from one server to another

I am a newbie at powershell. I am attempting to copy on file from one server to another server. I found this:

$Session = new-PSSession -ComputerName $servername -Credential $cred

Copy-Item -Path $FilePath -Destination -Path $FilePath -ToSession $session

I am not sure what is suppose to be included in the parameter -Crendenital. What is $cred suppose to hold?


Get-Help New-PSSession -Full Most of the Powershell cmdlets are well documented. You should first read the complete help for a cmdlet you’re about to use. … including the examples!

If both your servers are in the same domain and your account has permissions on both you won’t need to use -Credential.
You’ll only need it when copying to a server on which your current account doesn’t have permissions