Copy Files from ZIP archives

I have a script to copy files from one location to another based on an input file.

The input file is in the format:


This all works fine, but the input file also contains references to a file within a zip file in the format:


Where filetobecopied.txt is inside The zip file may also contain a folder structure, e.g


I’ve tried the following so far, but no success (powershell v3)

get-content $sourceFile | foreach-object {

$FileToCopy = $_
if ($FileToCopy.Contains(".zip")) {
    $FileToCopy = $FileToCopy.Substring(0, $s.IndexOf('.zip')) + '.zip'
    $ObjSourceFile = get-item $FileToCopy

$SourceFileName = $
$SourceDirectory = $objSourceFile.DirectoryName

Is there a way of achieving this?

You can’t read a file directly from a ZIP; you would need to first expand the ZIP.

You can do this with a Shell.Application COM object.
My test file contains a file called robots.txt

$shellApp = New-Object -ComObject Shell.Application
$destination = 'F:\' 
$fileToCopy = 'F:\__Temp\\robots.txt'

Thanks Matt, that was exactly what I was looking for.