Converting an old Batch command to Powershell

Hi there,

This is kind of a 2 part question, so I’ll start with the first one. Is there a way to convert this Batch command to Powershell?

set /P "ClientNo=Enter Client Number:"

echo C:\Data\Hosted\Company%ClientNo%\Profiles</strong>

igrant.exe -r -f -usepriv mydomain\Admin:Full C:\Data\Hosted\Company%ClientNo%\Profiles</strong>


Thank you

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Thanks in advance.

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You should read the help including the examples for Read-Host. That’s the cmdlet we use to ask for user input in Powershell. When you safe the output of Read-Host to a variable - lets say with the name $ClientNo you just have to change the variable name in your command line an it should work.