Convert PDF to TXT

Hello everyone and I am also a newbie here. I am in the fire department and need help from you times.
I need for the fire department a program that runs in the background.

This program should convert a PDF only the text into a text document.
It should monitor a folder (C:\Alarm printout) every 5 seconds whether there is a new PDF in it. This PDF should be converted into a TXT file. The TXT file should then be coupled into an Ortner (C:\User\POS-PPC\Einsatz_Monitor\Text_Input). After that the PDF file should be deleted.

We have found the file PDFtoTXT under which converts it under DOS as we need it.

We would like to have this automated, because we have an alarm monitor for our fire station, which only processes text documents.

Since we are a volunteer fire department, we unfortunately have no idea of such a thing and we hope for your help.

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Welcome to the forum. :wave:t3:

It sounds like you are an absolute beginner with PowerShell and it looks like you need a translator to ask questions and probably to understand the replies you’ll get. And you seem to be from Germany.

I’d recommend to look for a German forum. That would make it way easier for you to ask questions and to understand the help you get. One good German forum would be the MCSEboard. They have a “Scripting” section and very experienced members. :smiling_face:

Of course If you like to continue here … you’re very welcome. :wink: