Connect to MSONline Tenant in o365

We manage a handful of clients in office 365 in our tenant. If I cannot to the MSOline service by entering this code 1 line at a time, it works every time. If i use it as part of an actual code block, if works about 50% of the time. Half the time it errors out Stating that “This cmndlet can only be run by partners”, like the first connection line never actually happened.

$UserCredential = Get-Credential

$connectMsol = { 
				Connect-MSOLservice -Credential $UserCredential
				$MSOLTenantid = (get-msolpartnercontract -DomainName
				Connect-MSOLservice -Credential $UserCredential

If it’s inconsistent like that, I’d honestly open a support incident with Microsoft. There’s too much on their end we can’t see to troubleshoot.

I worked around it by manually setting that variable. Not ideal, but better than it working only some of the time.