connect-microsoft teams connect-sposite not working pwsh 7

hello guys ,

recently im trying to use powershell 7 instead of Windows Powershell but im having troubles connecting to SPO and TEAMS … im a SPO and TEAMS admin so i really need those … i connect to sharepoint online using

it pop out a windows to enter my credentials then it gives me the error Connect-SPOService: Could not authenticate to SharePoint Online using OAuth 2.0
gives me this error

WARNING: To sign in, use a web browser to open the page and enter the code DCUHG3M74 to authenticate.
2020-03-25T16:06:24.4904345Z: 813ecfff-c5fe-47cd-8c1d-ef5915e1ab1f - LoggerBase.cs: ADAL PCL.CoreCLR with assembly version ‘’, file version ‘3.19.50302.0130’ and informational version ‘2a8bec6c4c76d0c1ef819b55bdc3cda2d2605056’ is running…
2020-03-25T16:06:24.4912145Z: 813ecfff-c5fe-47cd-8c1d-ef5915e1ab1f - LoggerBase.cs: === Token Acquisition started:
CacheType: null
Authentication Target: User
, Authority Host:

whereas in Windows Powershell everything works perfectly fine

any ideas ?