ConfigurationStatus folder filling up.

We have a 2012R2 server running WMF 5.1 whose ConfigurationStatus folder under C:\Windows\System32\Configuration\ConfigurationStatus has over 69,000 files in it totaling about 25 GB. Is this folder supposed to be cleared out automatically by the DSC process or do we need to do that manually?

I ended up coming across another topic about this same issue from WMF 5.0. The advice there was to set up a process to manually clear this folder out. Does anyone know of any updates to this? Doesn’t seem like it was fixed with the 5.1 update.

I’m seeing similar behaviour on a Win7 Workstation with PS 5.1, and my Win 10 (I haven’t checked anywhere else yet).
25k files ~ 2.2GB, oldest is months ago, which is probably when PC was last built.

I never changed the LCM StatusRetentionTimeInDays from the Default 10, so I’ll play with that see if it helps clearing it out.

Thanks for the heads up!

Btw, I found the uservoice about it here (Saw your comment Matt):
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And the other PoShOrg post here:

Sounds like people using DSC via puppet came to the same conclusion:

For now, setting to StatusRetentionTimeInDays = 5 does not seem to help on WMF5.1/Win7 (I tried changing the LCM, Running a Config, restarting machine, now letting for the next 24 hours to see if it makes any change).