Configuration manager 2012 Enumeration for health status of clients

After you are connected to Configuration manager with

Import-Module “$($ENV:SMS_ADMIN_UI_PATH)..\ConfigurationManager.psd1”

Does anyone happen to know the values for the status’s from this cmdlet or if there is an enum for it:

get-cmdevice -collectionname ‘All Systems’ -name $computername | select SMSID,name,clientactivestatus


This article indicates there are 6 status’

  • Active/Pass
  • Active/Fail
  • Active/Unknown
  • Inactive/Pass
  • Inactive/Fail
  • Inactive/Unknown
I don't have access to the View. Hoping there was a Enum to help with it.

Never worked with SCCM, When checked the documentation of the SMS_CombinedDeviceResources class. You can get it from the AMTStatus property of this class.

Nice … thank you for pointing me to that class… Much appreciated.

You’re welcome, this resembles the power of community.