Conditional Statement

Hi all.
My name is Ariel. I work in a big factory and Iresponsible here to install and configure all
As a new participant and a “rookie” in Powershell I would have liked to set a small program which will automatically install 3 diiferent softwares . Since I am responsible to all the scanner array - I got “hand free” of this configuration.
To be more specific: All the softwares are located on our network and I have full access to its location; I want that the program will install it on the local disk C:\
All of this I can manage BUT where my problem begins? when I want to expant my knowledge and to cause the program o check if previous installation has already been made . For this - I have to check if a folder exists and I don’t succeed in it :frowning:
What tips can you give me. I need a direction such as - what google search should I do etc…

Thank you in advvanced :slight_smile:

Welcome to the forum. :wave:t4:

You know you don’t have to re-invent the wheel again, don’t you? There are frameworks out there designed to manage software installations. For example the

But actually when I hear you work in a big factory I’d expect this big factory already has a kind of software deployment solution like SCCM or something like this.

Now to your actual question. If you want to use PowerShell to check the existence of a folder and you don’t know how to do this you could start with the following google search:

Thanks a lot !!! You won’t believe it but I succeeded. I think I got inspiration :slight_smile:

Why shouldn’t I? :wink:

I’m glad it helped and thanks for the feedback. :+1:t4: