Compare two csv-files and remove the same values

Hello Together
I have two csv-files Path.csv and Report.csv and i want to compare the different paths, which are saved in both csv-files.
And after it compared the csv-files i want to remove the same paths in each csv-file.
I tried it with Select-object and where-object but it didn’t worked.
If somebody have an idea write me thanks

There may be more efficient ways of doing this, but I’d use a combination of Compare-Object and the -notin or -notcontains operators, like this:

$csvPath1 = '.\test.csv'
$csvPath2 = '.\test2.csv'

$propertyToCompare = 'Path'

$csv1 = Import-Csv -Path $csvPath1
$csv2 = Import-Csv -Path $csvPath2

$duplicates = Compare-Object $csv1 $csv2 -Property $propertyToCompare -IncludeEqual -ExcludeDifferent -PassThru |
Select-Object -ExpandProperty $propertyToCompare

$csv1 |
Where-Object { $_.$propertyToCompare -notin $duplicates } |
Export-Csv -Path $csvPath1 -NoTypeInformation

$csv2 |
Where-Object { $_.$propertyToCompare -notin $duplicates } |
Export-Csv -Path $csvPath2 -NoTypeInformation