Compare-Object with different property names

Is there a way to compare objects that do not have the same property names? I know how to do this if the property names were the same, but not if they are different

$people1 = 
$people2 = 

Nope. You’ll have to run them through Select-Object and rename the properties to normalize them.

Whaaa??? I was using Select-Object yesterday to rename the Property to no avail. I restarted my computer this morning and Wahla, it works. I don’t know…it’s voodoo, haha. Thanks.

#region Input
$people1 = @(

$people2 = @(

# Normalize $people1 objects
$NormalizedPeople1 = $people1 | select @{n='firstname';e={$}},age,@{n='info';e={$PSItem.status}}

# Now both object arrays have the same properties: firstname, ago, info => normalized

# We can now use compare-object to compare $NormalizedPeople1 and $people2