Combine two output results

I am very very new to powershell

Working on doing some automated patching in our SQL server environments. I am first taking a DB backup and then applying patches and then sending output in an email

I need to figure out the below:

how do I get the results of second command in the email? when I run this script I only get the output of the first command in the email. Columns in both the scripts are different.


$Results = backup-dbadatabase -sqlinstance abcsqlserver -database ‘abc’ -path \abcsqlserver\Backup -type full -copyonly -compressbackup -ignorefilecheck;update-dbainstance abcsqlserver -KB 4019094 -path \abcsqlserver\Patches -restart -confirm:$false

$to = ‘’

$smtp = ‘’

$from = ‘’

$subject = ‘SQL Server Patching on abcsqlserver’

$Body = $Results | convertto-html | Out-String

Send-MailMessage -To $to -From $from -Body $Body -bodyashtml -Subject $subject -SmtpServer $smtp


Any help is greatly appreciated




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What second command?

I concur with Olaf.

[quote quote=200504]$Results = backup-dbadatabase -sqlinstance abcsqlserver -database ‘abc’ -path \abcsqlserver\Backup -type full -copyonly -compressbackup -ignorefilecheck;update-dbainstance abcsqlserver -KB 4019094 -path \abcsqlserver\Patches -restart -confirm:$false[/quote]; is a command separator in PowerShell, so $Results will have only the first command output and if you want the second command output as well then need to append the output of the second command to $Results

$Results = @()
$Results += backup-dbadatabase -sqlinstance abcsqlserver -database ‘abc’ -path \abcsqlserver\Backup -type full -copyonly -compressbackup -ignorefilecheck;
$Results += update-dbainstance abcsqlserver -KB 4019094 -path \abcsqlserver\Patches -restart -confirm:$false

Not sure what is the exact output from these commands, given suggestion considering they are string or int

Thank you.


When I run the append script, it only gives results from 1 st command and also the common fields from 1st and 2nd command, but not all the columns from 2nd command

for example:

The first command output is

BackupComplete BackupFile DatabaseName ComputerName InstanceName SqlInstance Start End
True Maint_202001281343.bak Maint abcsqlserver MSSQLSERVER abcsqlserver 1/28/2020 1:45:35 PM 1/28/2020 1:45:35 PM

and second command output is

ComputerName MajorVersion Build Architecture TargetVersion TargetLevel KB Successful Restarted
abcsqlserver 2014 12.0.5553 x64 @{SqlInstance=; Build=12.0.5556; NameLevel=2014; SPLevel=SP2; CULevel=CU7; KBLevel=4032541; BuildLevel=12.0.5556; SupportedUntil=1/14/2020 12:00:00 AM; MatchType=Exact; Warning=} SP2CU7 4032541 True False
I need all the columns from 1st and 2nd commands.


Then you should handle them separately.

Thank you.


You could create them seperately as fragments of an html file with ConvertTo-Html with the parameter -Fragment and join them afterwards.