Choice to out put to a file

I am a desktop tech. I write small scrips for my co-workers to do easy tasks like join a domain or gather information from a device. I am a beginner(ish) with powershell.

I was wondering if there was a way to have Powershell to ask you if you would like to write the information to a file after displaying it on the screen.

Simple Example:

Write-Host "This will get you the current logged in user" -ForegroundColor Red -BackgroundColor Yellow

$device = Read-Host "Type in the device ID here"
Get-WmiObject –ComputerName $device –Class Win32_ComputerSystem | Select-Object UserName

Write-host "Would you like to write this to a file"

What comes next??

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The phrase to search for would be “PowerShell prompt for choice”. And here are some search hits:

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