Check send/receive limitations for individual mailboxes

En Exchange you can configure limitations on the size of e-mails on the connectors and in Exchange 2013 I have seen you can define this on postbox-level as well. Is it possible to run a (or several) line(s) of code that checks if any value is defined on individual mailboxes?

Hi Einar,
Absolutely. You can do this in a single line.
For starters, I would check what properties are available in the Get-Mailbox cmdlet.

 Get-Mailbox | Get-Member 

You should find what you are looking for in there. All you need to do is extract it. I’d try Select-Object.



Thanks for your help. That solved it using this code:

Get-Mailbox | Select-object Name, MaxReceiveSize, MaxSendSize

Here is the final code. It displays only the mailboxes that have restrictions connected to it.

Get-Mailbox | Where-Object {$_.MaxReceiveSize -ne "Unlimited"} | Sort-Object | Select-object Name, MaxReceiveSize, MaxSendSize | Out-File c:\limitations.txt