Check For Open Port with If then statement

Hi Forum. I need help putting code together. I’m trying to check a specific local tcp port is open (in this case port 3306). if it’s closed i’d like to open it.

If the port is open, echo “port is open…”
else, if port is closed, open port.

this seems like a pretty straightforward code yet, i’m stumped…

I would suggest you to look into some cmdlets that will let you interact with the Firewall. Like Get-NetFirewallRule and Get-NetFirewallPortFilter. Try to see what you can get back with it, and try to use it to do your check.

btw: if you would have used Get-Command getfirewall, you would have found a lot of firewall related cmdlets.

Could something like this work to find out if a port is open and listening?

Get-NetTCPConnection -LocalPort 80