ChatGPT Powershell Script no working


I am just learning powershell and trying to write a simple script in Snip.Do which accepts powershell scripts to provide extra functionality.

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Suzy Wong
Massive B & Nicodemus
Massive B & Nicodemus - Suzy Wong

I have tried the following from ChatGPT but it is not working
$clip = Get-Clipboard
$clip = $clip -replace “rn”, “-”
Set-Clipboard -Value $clip

Could somebody point me in the right direction please

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Before we proceed …
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Thanks in advance

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What’s that?

You know that ChatGPT is not really an experienced developer, don’t you? It is not guaranteed that code genereated by ChatGPT will work.

What would you expect this code to do?

Suzy Wong
Massive B & Nicodemus
Massive B & Nicodemus Suzy Wong

Wow. You are allowed to use complete sentences and be as verbose as you probably would be when we’d actually talk with each other face to face. :thinking: :man_shrugging:t4:

The code works if the copied text is copied as a raw string including the line breaks - not as an array of lines. For example … if you read the content of a text file with

Get-Content -Path .\SampleText.txt -raw

you can use this code to remove the line breaks and replace them with dashes.

So sorry if i did not elaborate.

Thanks for your reply. I have noted all of you points and direction for future reference.