Change service startup type to Delayed?

How do I change the StartType for a service to Automatic (Delayed)?

According to the online help (, Set-Service only accepts Automatic, Manual and Disabled. Dell’s OpenManage Essentials has a bug which I can work around by changing OmeDAService to Automatic (Delayed). Get-WMIObject Win32_Service has a property “DelayedAutoStart”, which doesn’t show up in Get-Member, and the method ChangeStartMode(System.String StartMode) doesn’t seem to modify that property.

If you’d prefer a Windows service, Windows Diagnostic Policy Service (DPS) and User Access Logging Service (UALSVC) on Windows Server 2016 also have ‘DelayedAutoStart: True’.


I googled it and found at least 2 slightly simple ways to do what you ask for:

By setting the startup type in the registry:

Or by using the sc.exe tool: