Change printing preferences for current user on a network printer

Hey guys,

Here’s what I’m struggling with:
There’s a network printer defined on a print server and all our users have it mapped to their computer.
The printing defaults on the server are set to Duplex and B&W.

After connecting to the printer, some users want to change their own printing preferences. I’d like to offer them a simpler way (a script), rather than creating a documentation with screenshots and point them to the right menu (we are talking about 50.000 users in total). So if a user wants Simplex and Color as his own default, he just runs a small script.

My problem is that I can’t modify the printing preferences of a network printer.
Tried Get-PrinterConfiguration, but that one only works for local printers, not network printers.
Tried Get-WMIObject win32_printerconfiguration, then changing the Color and Duplexing attributes, but these values are read-only and I can’t use the Put() method afterwards.
The old Setprinter.exe does also only work for local printers.

Does anyone know how to scriptically change the printing preferences for a mapped printer?