Can someone help to create a new folder by tweaking script below?

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I have this script below that uses a text file with a list of servers I want to copy a folder named “sqlcupatch” to multiple servers. It works if the folder already exists on the target server. But I can’t get it to work trying to create the named folder to copy the files to the list of servers in first line of code shown below. Can someone help tweaking this ps script below?

This file contains the list of servers you want to copy files/folders to

$computers = gc “D:\servers.txt”

This is the file/folder(s) you want to copy to the servers in the $computer variable

$source = “C:\sqlcupatch*.*”

The destination location you want the file/folder(s) to be copied to

$destination = "C$\sqlcupatch"

#The command below pulls all the variables above and performs the file copy
foreach ($computer in $computers) {Copy-Item $source -Destination “\$computer$destination”}

foreach ($computer in $computers) {
if ((Test-Path -Path \$computer$destination)) {
Copy-Item $source -Destination \$computer$destination -Recurse
} else {
“\$computer$destination is not reachable or does not exist”

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If the destination folder does not exist you have to create it first.

$computerNameList = Get-Content -Path 'D:\servers.txt'
$source = 'C:\sqlcupatch\*.*'
$destination = 'C$\sqlcupatch\'

foreach ($computerName in $computerNameList) {
    if(Test-Connection -ComputerName $computer -Quiet -Count 1){
        if (-not (Test-Path "\\$computerName\$destination")) {
            New-Item -Path "\\$computerName\$destination" -ItemType Directory | Out-Null
        Copy-Item $source -Destination \\$computer\$destination -Recurse

Mr. Olaf,

Thanks for providing the proper methods to post code, error messages, or sample as I’m new to I will do this moving forward. The code you provided worked like a charm!

Many thanks!!