Can someone help me creating this script in ISE?

Hello, i need to create the following script for school. But i can’t. Can someone help me out?


  1. Create a script based on the rules below that gives the correct results when executed.
  • “Add the sum of $ a and $ b equal to $ sum” »
  • “The difference between $ a and $ b equals $ difference” »subtract
  • “The product of $ a and $ b equals $ product” »multiply
  • “The quotient of $ a and $ b equals $ quotient” »share

!! Make sure you declare the numbers correctly!
!! Use the correct quotes

  1. Save the script and test it several times with various numbers to check if it works correctly and without errors.

  2. Make the extension based on the previous script that the user first asks for his name, and then asks (provided with the name!) Which numbers to use. When showing the results, you again show the name that the user has entered. Also check this script extensively!

Either you google it or you should talk about it with your teacher. If we do your homework you will not learn anything from it.

I did. He says i have to find out myself. i already googled alot but i can’t figure it out


Hi, a good point to start is divide (divide and you will win),

Then, put it in your own words, find a good logic to work, and then you can google it easier.

Hope it helps :smiley:

So you may start with learning the very basics of Powershell first. A good starting point usually is this: Microsoft Channel 9 - Getting Started with Microsoft PowerShell 3.0

It takes a little time but it gives you everything you need to start.

Also tagging into what Olaf said, on learning, Youtube is your friend.


‘Beginning PowerShell’

‘PowerShell ISE’

‘Intermediate PowerShell’

‘Advanced PowerShell’

‘learning PowerShell’

‘powershell math’

‘powershell in a month of lunches videos’


You say that you can’t - why can’t you? What have you tried so far? (and also, is this your first time writing script in general?)

We would be happy to help you, but unhappy to do the work for you (because that doesn’t actually help you).

pls??? i cannot figure it out whatever i try i have been working on it the whole night

Did you at least watch the videos I linked in my answer above?

So please show your code. If there’s samething to improve I’m sure here are some colleagues unable to resist to improve whatever you come up with. :wink: :smiley:

At least we could try to give tips where and what to read to learn to accomplish your task.

BTW: You can never be sure not to get caught cheating! :wink:

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