can powershell populate excel with data from website?

by jon_mull at 2012-10-18 08:05:46

We use a excel template and certain cells are populated manually with data from a website called “salesforce”. As i am still getting my feet web im wondering if it is possible to create a script in powershell to collect data from a website (it requires log in, which we of course have our log in credentials), i know with chrome i can “inspect the elements” of the page which should give me a ball park of line data needed to copy the information needed to populate my excel workbook. I was just curious if this is possible.
by megamorf at 2012-10-18 16:43:20
Have a look at these articles: … login.html … forms.html … lorer.html … rshell/467
by nohandle at 2012-10-19 02:35:39
I think that is definitely possible, either by IE automation or by webClient from .net … owershell/ … formation/

or maybe you can create service to the webpage that will allow access to the data directly - if you own it of course

populating tables can be as easy as export-csv. it depends what are your needs
by jon_mull at 2012-10-19 04:45:35
Unfortunately i do not own the website, and the user licenses we have for it, are the ones our Client has purchased for us to access their work related information. I believe my route is going to be having an excel report run on the and gather all the information/jobs that pertain to us and then run script to auto populate workbooks per line and cells.
by nohandle at 2012-10-19 04:48:48
if you don’t own it then then choose between IE automation and the webclient.