Calling .ps1 from Intune

This may not be the correct forum for this question…

I have a .ps1 script and a setup.exe. The setup.exe supports a /S silent switch.

# Path to the .REG file
$regFilePath = "C:\temp\Custom.reg"

# Path to the .EXE file
$exeFilePath = "C:\temp\Setup.exe"

# Run the .REG file
Start-Process -FilePath "regedit.exe" -ArgumentList "/s $regFilePath" -Wait

# Run the .EXE file with the /s switch for silent installation
Start-Process -FilePath $exeFilePath -ArgumentList "/s" -Wait

Using the Microsoft utility IntuneWinAppUtil.exe I can create a customsetup.intunewin file that I import into Intune.

My question is once the .intunewin file is Intune Intune how do I call the .ps1 file? What is the syntax? The Intune interface askes for an Install Command. Do you need to enter powershell.exe <path to .ps1> or just the name of the .ps1 file that has been bundled?

I tried calling the bundled .ps1 file name and it didn’t execute so I was curious?

Yeah, this is an Intune question. Have you googled around? Intune Administration for Beginners: Deploying PowerShell script via an Intunewin app seems to be what you want to do. If you look at th resource links from that link i shared, it seems to talk about what you want I think.

In any case, this is beyond the scope of this forum. I will be closing but feel free to mark this as the answer if it did ultimately lead to a solution.