best way to work with versioning

the situation is as follows :
several powershell scripts that I need are stored to a fileshare in a specific folder
these Powershell scripts are used on 6 different Ad servers to which this fileshare is linked.
when someone is launching the powershell script I want the script to check on the fileshare if the most recent powershell script for this specific task is used.

I’ve seen that you can use New-scriptFileInfo but then I would like to know on how to check if I use the most recent version or something like

get-item “C:\temp\checks.ps1” |Format-List -Property version


output of the last is
VersionInfo : File: C:\temp\checks.ps1
Debug: False
Patched: False
PreRelease: False
PrivateBuild: False
SpecialBuild: False
where I’m wondering how do I get the fileversion filled in.

thanks for your suggestions in this matter

Did you read the help for New-ScriptFileInfo completely? Example #2 actually explains it. :wink: If you existing scripts do not have the metadata yet you’d need to add them first before you can check for them.