Basic question/info about starting remoting

by leoc50 at 2012-12-21 21:52:47

Hello All/Anyone

I’m a DBA and had to get SQL Server info from a number of servers for which I have no access yet, so I thought I’d write a powershell script (learning powershell on my way to complete the script) to have a Wintel colleague run the script (he does have access).
When I had what I tried to enable remoting [to make it easy for my colleague] I kept getting errors about RPC and the ‘test’ computer not being found. RPC service is running on my two (2) testing servers (host and remote).

The question is: the environment is powershell v1.0 (I’m running the ‘remoting’ from a server with v2.0). But in reality all the servers that I have "test" or rather have access to have powershell v1.0 there might be a few with version > 1.0
Can remoting be done in v1.0? do all servers have to have the same versions?
(obviously I haven’t done "much" reading on this topic yet…like I said I just started with powershell and scripting it, I found it a very good tool and I know it’ll make my life easier collecting and sving data/info into a database table for our project (service accounts. security, remediation, etc…) I really can’t wait to learn a lot more and fast about powershell (I’m very surrised how usefulthis language is)

Anyway if anyone can tell me whether or not I can do remoting with v1.0 (obviously Windows server 2003 sp2) I will greatly appreciate it!!

by DonJ at 2012-12-22 07:02:09
"Remoting" doesn’t rely on RPCs, and isn’t available in v1.0. You can’t "talk" from v2 to v1. There should be no reason not to upgrade to v2, though.
by leoc50 at 2012-12-22 22:23:30
Thank you for the info Don J., I was hoping you’d give me some input on. I’ve seen you webcast about remoting and downloaded the free whitepaper but as I mentiond earlier I haven’t had the time to sit down and read; but I will I find your approachs very useful, easy to understand more than anything quite instructive!

Another very and easy question: does the upgrade of powershell from v1 to v2.0 (KB968930) needs a restart of the server? If it does then I won’t be able to update all servers with v1.0. 'm in a global company and even the "update" might require an RFC (request for change) ans the approval process and approvers might not see the "need" for this since for their purposes their servers are working fine. I "may" get away with the update as long as no reboot is needed, however I couldn’t find information to that effect. Can you answer that and send me a link with the steps for to apply the update or (KB968930)?

Thanks so much in advance for the help!!
by DonJ at 2012-12-23 06:55:48
Installing shouldn’t require a restart so long as PowerShell isn’t in use when the hotfix applies. As for applying, you pretty much double-click.
by leoc50 at 2012-12-25 08:30:59
Thanks Don! I’ll give it a try tomorrow at work.
Base on the limited knowledge you already know I have which book would you recommend for me?

Merry Christmas :)!
by DonJ at 2012-12-25 08:58:56
Start at They’re laid out by experience level.