azureAD pre populate authentication method for MFA

is there a way to populate the authentication method for MFA in azure ad
I’ve tried already the suggestions mentioned on this page howto-sspr-authenticationdata#set-and-read-the-authentication-data-through-powershell

the problem here is that it updates the profile page of the given user but not the authentication methods authentication contact info Like phone Alternate phone and email

I know that I can set the type of authentication method values with this code

$m1=New-Object -TypeName Microsoft.Online.Administration.StrongAuthenticationMethod

$m1.IsDefault = $true


$m2=New-Object -TypeName Microsoft.Online.Administration.StrongAuthenticationMethod

$m2.IsDefault = $false



set-msoluser -Userprincipalname "UPN" -StrongAuthenticationMethods $m

I would like to know how to modify these settings
thanks for your suggestions in this matter

Hello acer460527,

As far as I know you cannot update those settings. You delete and add them with different options/properties.

Please refer to Azure AD authentication methods API overview.

There are 6 Authentication methods available for management and only 2(phone and email) authentication methods contain Update method.

Hope that helps.