Azure Automation DSC

Hi is anyone using the “DSC (Pull server) as a service” available in Azure Automation?

I am trying to decide whether we need to setup a DSC pull server in a VM or just use Azure automation.

It seems like azure automation solves a few issues like not having to manage certificates to encrypt credentials etc so I am keen on using it but I am not sure if it can be used across different subscriptions though;for example if I have say 5 azure subscriptions, would I be able to manage VM’s spread out in these 5 subscriptions using DSC configured on just 1 Azure automation account?

If I have to create a different automation account for each subscription and upload the same DSC config files into each then that would be an inefficient process.

If anyone has any info I would really appreciate it.

Yes you can have one AA account managing VMs across different subscriptions. In fact, you can use that account to manage VMs that are on-premise or in any other cloud such as AWS. You will only need to create one AA account to upload, compile and create your assets. Then you can register all the VMs to this account.

There is one minor difference which is how the VMs are registered/on-boarded. If the VMs are in the same subscription we provide a one click on-boarding experience. If the VMs are on-premises or in any other cloud, you can use a script or manually register the VMs but that should be just a once time thing.

here are some more information: Onboarding machines for management by Azure Automation DSC

great, thanks for the reply WeiJie.
I will then use the DSC saas service rather than building out a pull server on a vm and yes on-boarding on-premise servers is pretty cool so looking forward to doing that as well.

May have more questions as I continue to look around :slight_smile:

Please keep the questions coming! It might be better to post your future questions to MSDN Social as we, Azure Automation Team, monitor that forum more closely you will likely get your questions answered more quickly there.

I noticed that you’ve posted to the above mentioned forum already. Thanks!

I’ve been using it for a month now, in combination with scalesets, across different resource groups in different regions, and it works fine. One thing that is not working is communication back from AA to VMSS, so when scaleset scales up and register new VMs in DSC Nodes, and then scale down, VMs stay registered in AA and accrue $6 per month. They are never reused, so number of orphaned DSC nodes will just keep growing…


If you are using VMSS then create Shut Down script to remove this computer from Azure . I did something similar to remove Computer from Octopus Server .