Az Module - List users with role assignment


I’m using the Azure AZ module to try and list all users assigned to a specific role.

I have one line of code that will list all the information about a role but it’s not formatted to my desire:

Get-AzRoleAssignment -ResourceGroupName <rg_name> | Where-Object RoleDefinitionName -EQ 'owner'

I’d only like to see a few fields/objects, i.e) DisplayName, RoleDefinitionName, etc.

When I add a “pipe” with:

Select-Object DisplayName, RoleAssignmentId

, but nothing is returned.



Works as expected for me.

Haha, you’re right! I’m glad you said that because it made me take another look at it and the piping was incorrect. I had the following:

Get-AzRoleAssignment -ResourceGroupName use2-uphs-dev-dac-sqldw-rg | Select-Object DisplayName, RoleAssignmentId | Where-Object RoleDefinitionName -EQ 'owner'

but it should be this:

Get-AzRoleAssignment -ResourceGroupName use2-uphs-dev-dac-sqldw-rg | Where-Object RoleDefinitionName -EQ 'owner' | Select-Object DisplayName, RoleAssignmentId

Thanks for getting back to me!

Ah ok yes … with a Select-Object you limit the properties you pass down the pipeline to what you provide. If you do a Select-Object DisplayName, you will not be able to do a Where-Object on the owner property. :wink: