Authenticate in Azure DevOps


We have an issue for which we can’t find a solution anywhere. Until now we have been using on-premise TFS servers, and DSC was able to create workspaces for our users. We are now starting to use Azure DevOps, and when it authenticates, it prompts users for credentials. We have written a function that passes the credentials, and it works perfectly when it is executed manually, not from DSC. We are not sure what exactly the problem is, whether it is trying to create Internet Explorer cookies and it fails, or the fact that the authentication still wants to popup a window that disappears in few seconds upon auto-authentication. The function only works when Visual Studio is installed, but VS is also installed by DSC, so we cannot execute the function prior to the Start-DSCConfiguration cmdlet.

Do you have any idea how to circumvent this issue?

Thanks a lot for your help in advance!

Kind regards,