Are multiple ConfigurationNames in the LCM possible for a system?

Looking at the ConfigurationNames parameter in my LCM registration script:

ConfigurationNames = @(“MyDSCtestConfig”)

…it would appear I could insert multiple configurations like so:

ConfigurationNames = @(“MyDSCtestConfig”, “MyOtherTestConfig”)

Is that possible? Here could be the full config:

Configuration SampleRegistrationMetaConfig

        RefreshFrequencyMins = 30;
        RefreshMode = "PULL";
        ConfigurationMode = "ApplyAndAutoCorrect";
        AllowModuleOverwrite = $true;
        RebootNodeIfNeeded = $true;
        ConfigurationModeFrequencyMins = 60;


    ConfigurationRepositoryWeb ConfigurationManager
        ServerURL = "http://server01:8080/PSDSCPullServer.svc"
        RegistrationKey = "xxxxxx-xxxx-xxxx-xxxxxxx"
        ConfigurationNames = @("MyDSCtestConfig", "MyOtherTestConfig")
        AllowUnsecureConnection = $true


SampleRegistrationMetaConfig -outputpath C:\test
Set-DscLocalConfigurationManager -Path C:\dtest -Verbose

Yes they are.

Follow and read the first link in the reply and follow the discussions.

Got it working with the information in that link… thanks!!!