Applying intelligence to 7zip in powershell

Hi All,
I have a module where I can take in zip files and then I unzip them to a specific directory. However, sometimes the zip files themselves have double-nested folders. e.g. a zip file
“”… will contain a folder “book1” and then book1.txt. I want to keep the first level such that will create
but not

However there aren’t always 2 levels… so I want to examine the zip file, check to count how many levels there are, and either extract, or else go into the zip file and then extract the subfolder.

Any ideas ? Many thanks

		foreach ($i in $files)
			write-output "$("Setting Location to Directory : ")$($i.DirectoryName)"
            set-location $i.Directoryname
			Write-Output "$("Expanding ")$($$(" to ")$($workdir)$("\")$($ComicsDir)$("\")$($i.basename)"
			$extractor = New-Object sevenzip.SevenZipExtractor($i.fullname)                                                                                                                                                                                                    
			Remove-Item $
			#$testempty = dir 
			#if (!$testempty)
			#	cd ..
			#	Remove-Item $i.directoryname
			#	$testempty = $null

May be easier to extract the zipped data to a temporary location and then examine

Interesting idea… yes that could take me towards the answer.

Now same question would apply… when I expand them… how can I do a run across to say… “if there is one subdirectory in the temp folder then move it to the final folder… if there are 2 or more lower subdirectories, then move to the bottom one and move that to the final folder”?