Appending the Filename

by Lahru at 2013-03-19 08:04:10

I hope there is a simple answer to my simple seeming question.
I want to rename all files in a directory.
The files that get put in this directory have seemingly random names like a hex designation.
All files are either TIF, JPG or PDF files.
I want to append some text to the beginning of each filename AND move it. The rename and the move can be 2 separate actions if necessary.

So what I have is:

I wish to end up with either:

So the appending of additional text to the file’s name while incorporating the original file name is what I am after. (Not looking to add a date.)

I’ve played a bit with rename-item and Move-item, but I’m missing something because neither of these like the use of wildcards or more likely I am misusing wildcard characters.
by MasterOfTheHat at 2013-03-19 09:12:08
You can do both the rename and the move using Move-Item:
Get-ChildItem C:\temp\test2\00-22-64-F4-8E-0C.TIF |
ForEach-Object { Move-Item -Path $.FullName -Destination "c:\temp\test\DepartmentName-$($.Name)" }
by Lahru at 2013-03-19 09:59:04
Theank you very much, was able to use this with only a minor adjustment to deal with all files in the originating folder, like so
Get-ChildItem C:\temp\test2\ | ForEach-Object { Move-Item -Path $.FullName -Destination "c:\temp\test\DepartmentName-$($.Name)" }