Anyone successfully manage to get NIC Firmware version?

Anyone successfully manage to get NIC Firmware version?
Im not talking about driver versions. I cant seem to get this on powershell

I googled for you “powershell get NIC Firmware version” and found this as the first hit:

and this as third hit:

I saw this bit it doesnt give the firmware versions only the driver versions.

Im looking for Windows command to get the NIC firmware versions… Sorry for the confusions…

There are no confusions … it just seems like that there is no way to get this information with PowerShell. … at least not without having a tool from the manufacturer of the NIC supporting the querying of the firmware.

Do you know a way to get those information without PowerShell? :smirk:

managed to write a script get the info by logging in to ILO, i just don’t like that it executes longer due to logging procedure.

Congratulations. :+1:t4:

You may share your solution with the world to help others having issues with the same or a similar task. :+1:t4: :slightly_smiling_face:

Here’s the solution I made for the NIC firmware only, you can just play around if you want to get other firmware’s. Need to install HPEiLOCmdlets module first before you can use the commands.

$server = '10.11.xx.xx
$user = 'xxxx'
$pass = 'xxxx.'

$connectilo = Connect-HPEiLO -Address $Server -Username $user -Password $pass -DisableCertificateAuthentication
Get-HPEiLOFirmwareInventory -Connection $connectilo | select -ExpandProperty Firmwareinformation | where {$_.firmwarename -like '*Eth*'} | Select firmwarename,firmwareversion

Thanks for sharing. :+1:t4: