All DC's FSMO and are Global Catalog True:False

How can I get a little fancier with this?

Get-ADForest | Select-Object -ExpandProperty GlobalCatalogs

…I want a list of all our DC’s in the forest, what FSMO role they hold and True or False if they are GC’s

Thank you

Take a look at:

Get-ADDomainController -Filter *

To get multiple domains in the forest, you can look at something like this:

There are lots of articles on this topic…


PowerTip: Use PowerShell to Get List of FSMO Role Holders

Use PowerShell to Find Where the Current FSMO Roles are Assigned in Active Directory

Home / Windows Server / Get list of FSMO Role holders using Powershell ( one-liners )

Here you go:

[system.directoryservices.activedirectory.Forest]::GetCurrentForest().domains.domaincontrollers | 
            select Forest,Name,CurrentTime,OSVersion,Roles,Domain,IPAddress,SiteName

No ActiveDirectory PS module required, can be run from any Windows domain joined computer, need no special permission to AD

This work like a charm ^^^^^

Thanks Sam, Can you augment that to include Global Catalogs? I only see IsGlobalCatalog as a method among the available properties, so can’t use it as part of your Select statement.

How can I get this value as well?