All COM objects possible with New-object -COMOBJECT parameter

I’ve been using New-object in conjunction with EXCEL and ACCESS, e.g.,

New-object -COM ADODB.Connection

New-object -COM ADODB.Recordset

New-object -COM EXCEL.Application

Is there a listing somewhere (not including .NET objects) of all (or the most common) values of objects that can be used with -COM parameter of New-object? Perhaps I am not asking the question properly, but I am a beginner to PS, and would appreciate any advice, tips or references to the appropriate source of information.

Thanking you in advance.


You’ll want to look in the registry under HKCR:\CLSID

Then look under each GUID. Generally if there is a subkey VersionIndependentProgID the default value under this key can potentially be a callable COM object.

New-PSDrive -Name HKCR -Root HKCR -PSProvider Registry

$RootPath = "HKCR:\CLSID"

$CLSIDs = Get-ChildItem $RootPath

Foreach($CLSID in $CLSIDs)
$GUID = Split-Path -Leaf $CLSID.Name
$CLSIDPath = "$RootPath\$GUID\VersionIndependentProgID"

If(Test-Path $CLSIDPath)
Write-Host $CLSIDPath
Get-ItemProperty -Path $CLSIDPath -Name "(Default)" | Select "(Default)"


I don’t think there is any documentation out there with the list. I always just do trial and error method if there are no documentations.

In the past I have used the OLE_COM Object explorer… I think this is the link | Microsoft Docs


Many thanks, Mr Simon B, this is useful as a starting point … much appreciated.

Hello Neemobeer,

Your script has saved me many man hours of guesswork.

Much appreciated, my sincerest thanks.