Aliasing a module

I am unable to find this anywhere on the internets.

I understand that functions and cmdlets can be aliased using Set-Alias.

My question, can a module name be aliased?

For example, I have two modules that have cmdlet name collision (Get-Noun in Module1, and Get-Noun in Module2)
Both module names are long, Microsoft.System.Automation.MoreNameSpaces1. I am not a fan of prefixing nouns in the Verb-Noun, but don’t mind using the module name as part of the cmdlet call. In this case it would be Microsoft.System.Automation.MoreNameSpaces1\Get-Noun. So this can get ridiculous pretty fast.
Is there a way to have another name (alias) to the module itself like: Set-Alias -Name Microsoft.System.Automation.MoreNameSpaces1 -Value ms1
And then use cmdlets is this way: ms1\Get-Noun

Hope I’m being clear.
Thank you in advance.


haha. Please don’t be so -Verbose!